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Why Publish With The OnRoute App?

The OnRoute App is a travel app, our blog is written for adventurers by adventurers. We carefully curate and publish only the most free sprirted, adventurous & travel blazing stories from around the globe making our site a go to resource for avid travel inspiration. 

What seperates us from the other is our commitment to publishing authentic stories weekly written by hundreds of avid travel writers from around the globe. 

  • We Will link to your social networks and blog in the Author bio
  • Your article will be sent to our mailing list on the day of publishing
  • We would love you to link to relevant articles that compliment the one you have submitted to our blog, on your own blog creating valuable backlinks
  • Your article will be shared on our Facebook and Instagram stories
  • Your travel story will inspire other adventurers,  giving some serious travel vibes, confidence and courage to other avid travellers to see more of this beautiful world. #weneedyou

What Content Do We Publish

The OnRoute App publishes informative travel stories written by avid travelers for avid traveler. We publish content on any and all topics relating to travel. Our writers have scoured the globe to bring you the most interesting and relevant content possible, and our tireless OnRoute team curates, edits and publishes these stories to create a go to site for avid travel inspiration and travel tips.

We only publish hotel reviews written by The OnRoute App Founders or Ambassadors, so please DO NOT submit hotel reviews.

Structuring Your Article

To create a blog thats easy to read and plan into our schedule for our community, we keep all of our blog posts in the same structure. When you are preparing your unique blog post it is important that you do the same. To make it easier for you, we have created this submissions guide for you to understand what we are looking for. The following sections are designed to help you structure your post in the required OnRoute App format: planning, introduction, body, conclusion, photography, and final edits process.

Planning Your Post

  • Please submit new, original content or a story from your blog that you have completely re-written for The OnRoute App. We do not publish duplicate content, duplicate content affects both our site and your site in Google rankings. If your story is published and you subsequently publish the same post on your blog or elsewhere, we will remove the post and we will not be able to publish from you again in the future.
  • In order to feature authentic stories The OnRoute App limits the amount of editing we do on story submissions. However, we do reserve the right make edits to your post for SEO, required links, additional information, grammar, photo sourcing etc. We also reserve the right to include sourced photographs if required, to add information about hotels and places to stay in the area and to add affiliate links. 

Part One: Introduction

  • Every post must include an introduction to grab the reader’s attention and get them excited about the rest of the content. It’s also important to outline what will be discussed in the entire post. Please start with 1-3 paragraphs of introducing our community to your topic.
  • For more information you can read 9 Simple Ways to Write Stronger Introductions

Part Two: Body

  • In the bulk of your post you should be describing your topic to our community. Please keep your stories between 6-15 paragraphs and your paragraphs between 3-6 sentences.
  • All titles should be written in CAPITALS and help separate each section of your post. You can also use the text editor to set these headers to Heading 3 within the submission form.
  • This will ensure we can hold the reader’s attention throughout the post. See example post Here.
  • Please include a section on places to stay, where to eat and other tourist attractions in your post this will help our readers to plan their trip and follow your recommendations.
  • Please make sure that you use relevant links. We will not consider your story for publication if you do not include any links, as these are very helpful for our readers during their travels. To do this you can use the icon that looks like a paperclip on the text editor in the submission form to add your links. We will not consider your story for publication if you do not include links.
  • For more information you can read 14 Tips On How To Write A Good Blog Post

Part Three: Conclusion

  • Please include a concise conclusion that wraps up the entire post and summarizes the main message of the blog post. Leave our readers with something to consider, lasting words to remember, or tips for what the next steps are after they read your post.
  • For more information you can read Writing a Developed & Detailed Conclusion

Final Edits

  • Please check spelling/grammar before you submit. It is extremely important that every post is easy to read and grammatically correct. Because of this our team works tirelessly to ensure every piece of content is of a high standard. Planning a trip is time consuming! Finding informative, well-written, easy to read travel stories should be easy! We want our posts to excite and help our readers with their future travels. Please help us do this by re-reading your story before submission to check for spelling and grammar errors.
  • We highly recommend using Grammarly or asking a friend to proofread your post. If the editing is too time consuming for our OnRoute team we will not be able to publish your post.


  • Please submit 1-3 photographs per paragraph and 1 additional featured image.  The feature image should be horizontal and capture the essence of the story as it will be the photo featured at the top of the post. Additionally, if you would like to be featured on the The OnRoute App Instagram Page, please include a high resolution vertical photo that has you in it, in the style of the The OnRoute App Instagram page.  Please note we do not guarantee a feature on Instagram.
  • All photos (expect the Instagram photo) the must be between 250KB – 500KB. How To Resize Your Pictures and Resize Tool.
  • Please title your photos in this format: name-of-the-photo.jpg How To Re-Name Your Pictures. If your story is about Chicago, for example, every photo should have Chicago in the title i.e. the-bean-chicago.jpg.
  • Photos should correlate to the content in each section of the post. For example, if you are writing “6 Tips on Travel Photography,” structure the photos to correlate with each of the 6 sections.
  • When you upload your photos on our Contribute page, a red X will appear. The red X appearing next to your uploaded photo means it loaded correctly and you can click it to delete the photo. If your photos are uploading slowing it is probably due to a poor internet connection, so try again when you have better WiFi.
  • The OnRoute App has the right to use alternate featured image and / or source images for your posts if the photos you provided are not high enough quality. If your post is 8 paragraphs we need to receive between 8-24 photos or we will need to source additional photos.
  • Please only submit photos you own the rights to. Thank you!

Things To Note

  • The OnRoute App does not pay for contributor posts. Additionally, The OnRoute App will not publish dedicated reviews for a hotel, brand or destination that you have secured a collaboration with. Please DO NOT contact any brand, destination or hotel stating you will be able to feature them in an article with The OnRoute App. If you are a brand or destination please contact us if you are interested in discussing a collaboration
  • By submitting your story and photos you are not considered an employee of The OnRoute App and should not represent yourself as such.
  • You retain all rights to your media.
  • Have questions? Email us:

I Have Submitted My Post, What’s Next?

If your story is chosen to be featured you will be notified via email. Please note, we only publish informative travel stories that include relevant content, travel tips, knowledge and insight that will help our readers on their travels, so please consider this when you submit a post. We have included detailed guidelines to help your story be selected, so please ensure you follow all of these.

Due to the volume of submissions that we receive, if your story is not selected to be published we will let you know via email, but we will not be able to provide you with specific feedback on why it was not chosen. Please also note that we plan our publishing schedule around 1-2 months in advance, so you may not hear from us for while, please don’t worry we will be in touch!

Thank you for being a part of our travel community!