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The OnRoute App is a avid travelers community and blog. All the content on the blog is written by the OnRoute team and our travel contributors from the community. The purpose of the blog is to give adventurers a place to share their travel stories, share their travel tips and inspire other avid travellers. As such we do not charge contributors to be featured on our blog (and social media). We do charge a fee for brand or destination promotions and link adds into existing articles. If you represent a brand or are submitting an article specifically promoting a brand, destination, hotel or tour company that you are affiliated with please email to discuss pricing before submitting your content. Please note we currently do not accept any unpaid promotion or collaboration requests.

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  • We do not publish hotel reviews written by anyone other than The OnRoute App Founders or Ambassadors so please do not submit dedicated hotel reviews.

Other Information:

In order to feature authentic stories The OnRoute App limits the amount of editing on story submissions. However, we do reserve the right to make edits to your article to improve structure, language, grammar, SEO, required links, additional useful information and images if your images are not the required quality for our site. We also reserve the right to include at our discretion affiliate links within the article and in the conclusion section at the end of the article.


  • By submitting your article and photos you are not considered an employee of The OnRoute App and should not represent yourself as such. You retain all rights to your media.
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  • We reserve the right to make edits to your article and / or to remove your article from our site at a future date should we see a reason to do so without notification.
  • The OnRoute App will not publish dedicated reviews for a brand, destination or hotel that you have secured a collaboration with. If you are a brand, destination or hotel, please email us to discuss our charges for promotions
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