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How It Works

OnRoute is a free mobile app, available on Android and Apple, designed to help travellers record their journey, share with their family, friends and followers and connect with other explorers in the global community.

Once you download the app, you will have access to the following tools:

  • Visual mapping

  • Personal travel record

  • Community interaction

  • Social sharing

Traveler using OnRoute app to document their road trip with photos and notes
OnRoute app screenshot showing traveler's social connections and shared travel experiences
Traveller Couple in a van, looking at their OnRoute App social feed together
Traveler sharing their travel experience on OnRoute app with friends and followers
OnRoute app interface showing traveler's journey map with stops and notes

Visual Mapping

Let our app automatically plot the places you have been on your walking tour, road trip, or city break, and display them on a beautiful photographic map. 

OnRoute also detects the location of your photos and videos and adds them to the appropriate spot on the interactive map.

Record My Trip.


Personal travel record

Organise your travel memories in one place — maps, itineraries, photos and notes — and create a permanent record of your trip. Your profile contains a record of all the places you’ve been, the sights you’ve seen, the food you’ve eaten and the people you’ve met, so you can see your entire journey at any time.

Download the OnRoute App.

OnRoute app screenshot showing traveler's social post about a burger with likes and comments from friends
Travelling Couple Share a Coffee With a View On Their Van Roadtrip
Family sharing laughter and smiles while looking at the OnRoute app

Community interaction

Share your trip with your friends, family and followers in real time by inviting people to view your travel updates. Connect with other travellers and enjoy genuine, user generated recommendations and inspiration for your next trip.

Download the OnRoute App.

Social sharing
(coming soon)

With the click of a button, share your travel highlights to your favourite social media platform. 

Download the OnRoute App.

OnRoute app feature: combining images, maps and notes for a fully immersive story
An app to record your travel experiences and share instantly with your friends, family and followers

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An app to record your travel experiences and share instantly with your friends, family and followers

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Couple looking at social updates on the OnRoute app
If you love travelling, look no further. This app makes it so easy to see highlights and hidden gems from other people's trips. So many cool places I would have never thought to visit! A must have when planning future holidays."
Sarah Risk, OnRoute App User
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