It all started with an idea

Onroute is every travellers dream social media platform. Show off your journey in the way it deserves by displaying the whole trip in one easy, visual and interactive place. Spend more time telling the stories that matter instead of wasting time explaining the itinerary.

Onroute logs your route on a map by connecting all your pinned posts and check in points. View it in both drop down itinerary form or on an interactive map. You post - we join the dots.Stay tuned for bookable user trips (Coming soon).

Our story

Stephanie Khalil, Founder/CEO

Travel has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in a hardworking and busy family, often the only time we were able to spend a good amount of quality time together was when we were travelling. I developed an appreciation and love for travel at a young age. As I grew up and started travelling myself, my passion for travel grew more and more. Every time you travel and the discover new places, whether it's environmental, societal, cultural, or structural, there always seems to be something you can learn, admire or get inspired by. It's impossible to not walk away feeling humbled, connected, and full of life.

My experiences were so full, but I found it was difficult to get to that part of the story after spending so long just explaining the details of the trip. People would ask so many questions around the where, what and how's. 

Working, at the time, full time in public health project management, I also found it difficult to take the time to plan real, authentic trips, and even duplicating travel blogs or posts became tedious. 

I was determined to create the dream travel app - Onroute: One place to get inspired, plan, book, and share your journey.

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