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Our Partners


Ratpack Travel

RatPack Travel was founded on the belief that travellers should be provided with a premium service. They book campervan rentals and tours at an affordable price.



Airguides’ mission is to transform the travel industry into an ecosystem that profits local communities, travellers, and travel operators by delivering the most adventurous, sustainable and otherwise inaccessible travel experiences to anyone in the world.

Spirits of the Red Sand

Australia’s #1 Best Aboriginal Experience – Bringing authentic, immersive, and interactive day and evening experiences that connect with the world’s oldest living culture.

Nice Coffee Co.

Nice Coffee Co is breaking the cycle of poverty with every cup. A 100% social business dedicated to providing access to education in Kibera. 

An Invitation to Join Us

We are always on the lookout for businesses, travellers, blogger and influencers who align with our values and would like to partner with us.


We offer audience outreach, brand promotion and joint venture opportunities.


If you would like to know more, please get in touch by clicking the button below.

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