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Your Whole Journey in one place

Document every part of your journey on your virtual map, share pictures where you have taken them with your friends & family and bring them along with you.


With people following you in the moment


your journey with your friends and family


all the adventures other travelers have had

Record your journey as a route on a map
Share your moments with a written post
Share your own journeys'
Upload photos at the places where you’ve taken them
Explore other shared journeys’
never miss a moment


Sharing is effortless, take OnRouteApp with you, add people to your journey as private members, or go public sharing each step seamlessly, the choice is yours

Documented, visually clear & easy to understand from the start to the finish of your epic adventures.

Just some dreamers

Travel. Share. Explore.​

“Love travelling? Are you going on a short trip, or the journey of a lifetime? What makes all the difference? Memories, and how + who your going to share them with!”

“Share your journey with friends and family, step by step. Or Explore Journeys others have been on. If you’re an Avid Traveler this app is for you! “

Effortless Sharing


Traveled Anywhere?

If you’re a seasoned traveler, gosh even if it’s your first time you know everyone is asking the same questions

“Where are you going? “

“What are planning to do?”

And that is usually followed by (read this in your mum’s voice)

“Make sure you keep us updated!”

“Take lots of photos and videos”.

Then your in the flow of your adventure, fully present!

Before you know it your on the plane home, wondering how your going to update everyone with all the epic stories you have to tell.

OnRoute is there from the start, it wants solves all these problems, your travelling buddy!

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No other app can currently share a journey LIVE in both media and route form or see visually what people have done/where they have been in their travel

  • Share your virtual map
  • Use OnRoute to upload posts, media
  • Use OnRoute to check-in and pin to map
  • Record your journey for others to follow
  • Share your Journey, Private or Public Features
  • Sharing effortlessly to facebook and Instagram
  • Be inspired by those who have been before you, getting real travel advice from people who are just like you, lovers of travel and excited to share their wins, and sometimes losses!

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The birth of OnRoute till now has been genuinely exciting, but a lot of hard work, just like a good trip it takes a lot of reviews and input to find the hidden gems wherever you go!

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